So you may have heard a little rumour that after nearly three years Strictly Towcester is BACK on 29th October 2022 at Towcester centre for leisure.

We are looking for men, to be our local heroes, along with our lovely ladies. We hope they would love to learn to dance, have an absolutely amazing time, gain life long friends AKA “dance family”, eat cake, and raise money for our amazing charity. What more can you boys ask for?

You will get partnered with a beautiful laydee, you will get to learn both ballroom and latin dances as part of your training and then get to perform infront of your family, friends, loved ones and impress all us girls. We love a man who can dance! Everyone who has taken part has said what a fantastic event it is to be part of, the only downside is yes you will get the blues after the spectacular event. Have no fear though we all get them, even us “seasoned” dancers.

If you or anyone you know would like to take part, have an absolutely and utterly fantastic time please either contact us

Tel 01604 261400,
Email [email protected]

or Jayne Phillips
[email protected]