We have all experienced the death of a loved one, whether that is a Mum, Dad, Grandmother, Grandfather, brother, sister, or fur baby it is perfectly natural for us to miss that person or animal. They are the one you always turn to when the chips are down, the one you need for a hug, chat or cuppa, then you realise that person is no longer there.

We have therefore set up a memorial page for you to share your memories of your loved ones. We all love to hear your stories and see your pictures. Nothing is out of bounds, however unprofessional or politically incorrect you may feel it is, it is YOUR memory of your loved one and we would all really love to hear it.

Please keep your loved ones memory alive, keep talking about them, look at their photo’s, if you want to talk to them then talk to them. However you feel you wish to remember them is right for you.