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Death; a Taboo Subject

Death; a Taboo Subject

We attended a funeral today, something the vicar said really got me thinking. She said that not many talk about death because it is a taboo subject. In our world death is par for the course and is a normal thing we talk about. It doesn’t mean we don’t understand it, don’t feel it, and haven’t experienced it. We have. From a young age I was exposed to death. I was 2 1/2 when my Mum’s Mum died of Motor Neurone’s Disease, 3 1/2 when my cousin’s wife fell off a balcony on their honeymoon, and 4 1/2 when my Mum’s Dad died of (we say) a broken heart. In our house death was never a taboo subject, it was openly talked about, the same as in Tina’s house. Her Dad used to conduct funerals all over the country.

We have our “Dead Club” which is where with some of our patients we read the dead people out of the paper, maybe not so politically correctly, but it helps us. We were even asked to write one of our patient’s obituarys. We have all chosen our funeral music, which will be very apt for us. I am having Bring Me Sunshine by Eric and Ernie, Happiness by Ken Dodd. If anyone doesn’t come in pink, I am coming back to haunt you!! What are you having? Have you chosen if you’re having a burial or a cremation? Have you discussed it woud your loved ones so they know what your wishes are?

When you have experienced death, you already have the emotions flying round, you have so much going round to have the added stress of planning the funeral is so hard too. Everyone does help and support you, but if you’ve not expressed your wishes it may not be what you want.

If you struggle to talk about it, please do get in touch we can help you. We are flexible and adaptable to meet your needs.

Calming Influence

Gemma is a fantastic healer and beautiful person. I would never have got through my operation last year had it not been for her calming influence. Her dedication and skill is second to none! She is one amazing and beautiful lady!!xx

Becky Everson

Couldn’t Believe The Difference

I am not very good at this but have to thank you for the Reiki you have given me, for there was a time I had a job to walk, the pain in my knee was so bad I could have cried, you came and worked Reiki on it and i couldn’t believe the difference it made the pain was so little afterwards, for a few days I felt so much better. I would always and do tell people how good you are with Reiki and always explain how i felt before the treatment and how I felt after, would always ask for more as it is better than any drug the doctors give you, and healthier too.

Beryl Smith


My interest in healthy lifestyle provided my meeting Gemma, we met on  a course and we soon formed a strong friendship. Gemma is a nurturing teacher and has been not only been a great inspiration but also a great friend to me over the years we have know each other. I have found Gemma to be supportive, honest and a person who works with great integrity and love. I would highly recommend Gemma for any learning or treatment you are interested in undertaking.

Sarah Green

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