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Without Support There’s No TLC, You’re Our Support

There aren’t many people who offer patients the kind of support The Lighthouse Centre can; but there are many of you who make this possible.

Whether you’ve had personal experience of our work, met one of our team or you’re just looking to support a Cancer care charity in Northampton, please get in touch – we’d really value your help.


Would you like to make a donation?

Your donation will help up provide treatments to more patients.

There are costs involved in everything we do at The Lighthouse Centre and we’re only able to keep serving our patients and their families because of the generous support we receive.

If you’d like to donate to help us keep running our services, please do so here.


Would you like to volunteer?

Whether it’s organising events, speaking to interested groups or helping out with the admin, there are countless jobs we do every day.

If you’d like to be part of our team, let’s have a chat and see how you can help.


Would you like to be a corporate sponsor?

Our service is invaluable to those we help, and we’d love to be able to reach more people.

We support anyone, no age limit, whose health conditions are limiting the quality of their life – giving those in pain something to smile about.

By supporting The Lighthouse Centre, you can reach out to individuals and families throughout Northamptonshire, helping them see the light through the darkness.

If you’re looking for a Northampton charity to support, help us provide palliative care and therapies to those with Cancer or other long-term illnesses. Whether you’re offering time or money, we’d love to explore opportunities to build our charity with your help.

Call Us Now On 01604 261400 To Find Out How You Can Support Us.

Or head to our Contact Us page to email us.

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