So during covid I applied for National lottery funding to run a project for patients affected by covid, which we were successful in. This proved to make such a difference in our patient’s worlds that we as a team decided it would be appropriate to apply for further funding. This journey started about nine months ago.

It was not an easy or quick fix job, but it was so worth it. Sarah, our funding officer was absolutely amazing, she was so supportive and helpful I think I would have given up at the first hurdle had it not been for her support.

We went to one panel, who fedback that admin support would be really beneficial to us. So for the final panel we amended our business plan adding in admin support at six hours a week.

Our proposal went to panel last Thursday, and we waited on tenter hooks until Monday when the lovely Sarah rang us with the news that The National Lottery community fund would fund our project for five years!!

Despite hearing the news, sharing the news, receiving our offer letter it really hasn’t sunk in yet!

We hope to celebrate very soon, but for the next few days we are working on making a difference in our patient’s, their family and friend’s worlds!!