Strictly Towcester is well underway, evereyone is absolutely loving it, making friends, having fun and raising some amazing valuable funds for us. We have 20 couples this year, which is just absolutely AMAZING!! Partners have been put together to build their dance relationships. Everyone has made such good friends, which turn into dance family, people can see why I call it my “happy place”. Andrzej did a workshop on Friday night, which everyone loved. It was great fun, although we were all sweating, or “perspiring” lots and VERY tired everyone had the best fun! We have had some drop out, but then amazing people stepped into their spots without question, we even have people signed up for next year, which is just the best news!!

We have two shows, a matinee and an evening show, both of which tickets are on sale, concessions available and can be purchased from here;



If you can’t come but have a prize you can donate to the raffle please get in touch.

Don’t miss out on this amazing show!!