So we are all still living in the sparkles and excitement of Strictly Towcester 2022. This was the first event post lockdown, it was Jayne’s first strictly and OMG it was AMAZING!!!

We had some fantastic people dancing, both heroes and steppers, everyone loved every minute of it. I think a special thankyou and shout out to this young man, who managed to raise an astounding amount of money! We set the target at £200 to make it achievable for everyone. However this young man went above and beyond, raising over £1,700!!!!!

Paul is a member at Towcester Centre for Leisure so got involved that way, and how glad are we that he did! He won a trophy for being the top fundraiser as well as a bucket of Budweiser. Which he so very well deserved as you will all agree. Not only is he our top fundraiser he is a genuinely lovely guy and has offered to carry on helping us in any way he can! To which we are always eternally grateful for!

We are waiting for an exact total, “Spreadsheet Sue” is on holiday at the minute, but when she is back we can give you an exact amount but for now we can say it is over £8,000 which is just AMAZING!!!!

Next year’s date has been set as 28th October 2023, so if you or anyone you know would like to take part, is interested in corporate sponsorship of the event please do not hesitate to get in touch! It would be very much appreciated.

Thankyou to everyone who took part, who came to support and who sponsored you really do make a difference in our patient’s worlds!