As people who know any of us personally and The Lighthouse Centre, I know you’ve heard first-hand how important the work is that we do and the difference it makes to peoples’ lives.
I set up The Lighthouse Centre as part of my own vision for a charity with kindness at the very centre, combined with a wish from a friend who benefitted so much from the holistic treatments she received at the end of her life. I aim to provide holistic treatments to patients with long-term medical conditions or cancers, to support their quality of life at a time of vulnerability. Holistic treatments include therapies such as Reiki, lymphatic drainage massage and Hopi ear candling. Hypnotherapy and counselling are also available to those in need. But all of this wonderful work cannot take place without donations. Over the last couple of years, it’s been a real and emotional challenge to keep maintaining the consistent income we need to support all the incredible and brave people we do.
We are reaching out to you, to ask if you can help us. I’m not always great at asking for the help we need (I much prefer giving the help than taking it!), but I know so many of my personal and business world friends are keen to help wherever they can. we are asking if you would consider setting up a monthly donation to help us continue delivering vital support in our local community to people who are facing the toughest battles of their lives. Any monthly donation amount would be so helpful, even just £5 per month would be an incredible show of support. Aside from the feel good factor of knowing you’re helping our amazing patients, if you donate from a business account, you can also benefit from tax relief.
How Your Monthly Donation Will Help The Lighthouse Centre
• £5 – A monthly donation of £5 allows us to buy the oils needed to carry out lymphatic drainage massage – a wonderfully relaxing and beneficial treatment.
• £10 – A monthly donation of £10 will help to cover the cost of vital supplies for the Hopi Ear Candle treatments and maintaining the hot stone equipment.
• £25 – Providing the uniforms needed by our volunteer staff members to carry out our work costs around £250 per year – 10 donations of £25 can help us to provide these essential pieces of equipment for another year.
• £30 – A monthly donation of £30 will provide the fuel needed for us to visit one of our patients for a whole month!
• £50 – A monthly donation of £50 will help to make sure our phones and email systems are there so we can be contacted by our patients, their families and those who want to refer people to our service.
• £100 – Will help to cover the monthly costs we incur as a charity. Without an office, insurances etc we would not be able to operate The Lighthouse Centre charity.
All monthly donations help, no matter the size. If you are able to support with a monthly donation, all you need to do is set up a standing order / regular payment to our account:
Bank – Natwest
Account name – The Lighthouse Centre
Sort Code – 55-70-37
Account Number – 81265212
However you choose to support us, please be assured that every single donation you give goes towards the wonderful work that we carry out here at The Lighthouse Centre. We cannot do it without you and are so grateful for every single penny that is donated. Thanks so much for taking the time to read this article, myself and the team really do appreciate it.