140+ Club

If you’d like a way to support the vital work we do at The Lighthouse Centre with the excitement of the possibility of a cash prize then our exciting, pink sparkly 140+ club is perfect for you! If you are interested, read on…

* What is our 140+ Club?

The 140+ club is number based game which is drawn each month with a percentage of the money raised going to the winner and the remainder to TLC. It’s a bit of fun each month whilst having the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you are supporting our amazing cause.

* How does it work?

We now have over 140 numbers for sale (you can buy as many numbers as you like as we will keep adding to them) on a monthly or yearly standing order, then you keep the same number/s in the draw each month. For example, if you buy 8 and 146, those are your numbers, which will remain so for as long as you continue your monthly subscription. Each month we draw a number using a random number generator to be the winning number, we post a video of the draw taking place on all of our social media platforms.

* How much is the prize?

The draw takes place on the last Thursday of every month, the prize for the winning number is £25. The remaining monies goes to support the essential work we do at The Lighthouse Centre.

* How much is each number?

Each number will cost £1 each per month.

* How is the best way to pay?

Monthly standing order is preferred, however you can do yearly standing order or transfer.

Please get in touch if you wish to sign up for your chance to win, you don’t want to suffer from FOMO!!

[email protected]

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