OK So you may think in my quiet shy reserved manner that I am TLC, well I am but behind the scenes I have a team of amazing volunteers who help me out, one of them is Steve, who I have grown up with and who I’ve known for years, so here is a wee bit about Steve, or Olaf as we more affectionately know him as!!

Hi , my name is Steve.

I have been working for The Lighthouse Centre for the past two years.  I enjoy helping with organising, ordering and help sell the merchandise so the money can pay for further comfortable treatment for terminally ill and people with long term conditions from our qualified nurses.

I first heard about this charity through Gemma (the owner of the charity) who told me that I could help and make a big difference in the charity with my retail and sales experience in the office.  I also help with fund raising events also looking up different ways of doing this.

If you want to purchase any of our amazing items, please get in touch with me on [email protected] or to get involved in any events then please email [email protected]