Sixteen year old Harry Chadwick has been a patient at The Lighthouse Centre since being diagnosed with adult Carcinoma on Boxing Day last year. The cancer, which begins in the tissue that lines the surfaces of the body, means Harry suffers regularly with pain, especially in his legs and feet. Unfortunately, doctors haven’t been able to locate where the primary cancer is and is undergoing treatment with traditional medication to help him.

Alongside his hospital treatments, Gemma visits Harry twice, sometimes three times a week depending on how he is feeling, to deliver massage therapy. This treatment offers Harry the chance to relax and unwind in his own home whilst having a good catch up with Gemma!

Harry’s mother Jessica speaks highly of the support they get from The Lighthouse Centre, not only for the treatment they provide, but also for the time Gemma dedicates to spending with him. Anxiety is something he struggles a lot to deal with and is heightened by his autism, so having the support from the charity and his friendship with Gemma makes it so much easier for Harry to deal with and understand.

Although he needs regular visits and care from The Lighthouse Centre, his therapy has made a huge difference to him that Harry’s parents have just taken him on holiday to Spain and France for a couple of weeks. The impact this had for the whole family was huge because it allowed them all to enjoy some quality time together away from the stresses and strains of everyday life.

We are continuing to work with Harry now he has returned from his holiday and hearing lots of stories about his adventure away. Knowing what we do and the impact it has on the lives of not just the patient, but also their family, is the reason why we are so dedicated to helping people.

You can see Harry’s video testimonial here:

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