Introducing Angie Seelig. Angie is an ex-nurse and has secondary progressive MS (Multiple Sclerosis).

Angie spotted The Lighthouse Centre when we appeared in the Chronicle and Echo after we won the lottery funding in 2014. Angie emailed us to see if there was support we could provide for her. Of course there is!

Gemma pops by to visit Angie once a fortnight and helps to relieve some of the symptoms Angie suffers from. Gemma gives Angie a deep tissue massage and Reiki treatment on her shoulders and hands. Allowing Angie an hour of ‘Me’ time. Angie says these visits make a vast difference to her with things that are important to HER, like how she sits in her wheelchair, her stance and quality of speech. One of the biggest benefits of The Lighthouse Centre to Angie is that we visit her at home, of course for someone with mobility challenges this would be tremendously important. The kind of treatments The Lighthouse Centre provide are designed to give relief and allow relaxation for our patients, not much point being relaxed and then stressed on the journey home!

Angie says ‘You make me feel like a human being’

Watch Angie’s testimonial below: