So life in the slow lane has continued very much so here for me. The visitors, messages and flowers have been absolutely amazing I really am blessed with such beautiful friends.

Here comes the day of my first review with my GP. All my meds added onto my prescription, full review, blood pressure coming down a little still not back to “normal” however down a lot compared to when I was admitted. Told Sabra I had a bad weekend, training for my latin medals which I couldn’t do, then it was the moonwalk, which I did last year. This year I can’t even walk 3 miles let alone 30. To which she told me “if you weren’t as fit as you are you wouldn’t be here now!” Burst my bubble a tad but it was true! She then signed me off for a mother 4 weeks which takes me through to my dermatology appointment.

She did tell me I was allowed to do some “gentle ballroom” at dancing, so back I went on Tuesday night. Sue picked me up so I didn’t have to drive there or home, and Doris changed the whole lesson, from Latin to a little latin and more ballroom. I really enjoyed it and hadn’t realised how much I missed being “normal” Sue and I then hit Starbucks for our weekly hot chocolate and half a cake!!

Had an email from The Last Hurdle to let me know the Big Birthday Bash has now become live and we can start promoting it. I can’t do much, but a few Facebook shares, retweets and Linkedin I can cope with!!