Well I have now just had my first night at home. Slept like an absolute baby, sleep is not something you get much of in hospital, from poorly patients, monitors bleeping, confused patients, to noisy nurses and uncomfortable beds. I was at least in my own bed.

With the steroids, you don’t realise, your heart feels like it is coming out of your chest, and you get steroid insomnia, but with the Piriton, you feel so drowsy. I decided I’m not safe to drive as yet, so I am being driven around everywhere and it’s great!!

I couldn’t make BNI so Rob very kindly stepped in as my sub, and Val wrote a fab 60 seconds. I just relaxed and rested for a few days, having some lovely visitors round to see me, but making sure I didn’t do too much.

The weekend passed and for once I didn’t mind that I couldn’t go out, I didn’t feel up to it anyway. So Monday came, so did lots of visitors, which was lovely. Jutta came bringing me a “plant” who has pride of place in the greenhouse and is growing nicely, then Val came round with some beautiful pink roses (which did not die for 3 weeks). When they both left it was time for a wee sleep! Sue came round in the evening with some more PINK flowers (I see a trend here) which are still alive.

Tuesday night, and I missed dancing, which I miss dreadfully, but I know until I’m reviewed I can’t take the risk. So instead Mumma and Pappa took me round to Niki and Tim’s where their beautiful children Tilda and Heath just sat with me while I drank lovely coffee. The lovely Tracy came round when she had finished work with chocolates and a beautiful card.

The week passed with lots of lovely messages, visits and calls.

However what they don’t tell you is with high dose steroids you don’t sleep, your heart is coming out of your chest, and you shake. The anti-histamines however make you very drowsy and sleepy. Vicious circle, so I started watching Game of Thorns!

Friday night came and Emma took me on my first night out!! Wooo Hooo we went to see Fast and Furious 7 at the cinema. Emma picked me up and brought me home which was lovely to be out and starting to become a little “normal” again.

Saturday night came and I had another night out for Craig and Rebecca’s evening reception. Karrie and Paul were my taxi for the night. We met Wendy, Wayne and the bride and groom there. Thankfully they understood why I hadn’t managed to get a present. The room was far to hot for my chest and I really struggled to breathe, but Paul was amazing and took me outside loads of times so I could breathe fresh air, even in the rain he stood outside with me. Karrie came out for some fresh air too. We then left when I couldn’t stay any longer. Thankyou Karrie, Paul and Megan. Jackie, Wendy and Wayne too 😉

Sunday was a day of resting. This is a bizarre concept for the girl who has gone from 500 miles an hour to suddenly not being able too! Huge lesson here!!