So I woke up on Day 4, new ward, not a bad nights sleep and I could open the window too. After breakfast and my morning meds I was allowed my first shower in 5 days, and wow did it feel good!! The luke warm water was so refreshing after feeling so poorly, although after putting my cream and nightie back on I was exhausted!

Wendy and Karrie then came into see me. I think the check I was still being a good patient as they know me too well 😉

Thanks to Jean opposite, I had some concentrate juice so I could keep up with the 5 litres of fluids to “flush your system out” and some very nice coffee #nursesrule #nicecoffee.

Paul Sherwood, the GI dude then saw me. He was obviously a Star Wars fan to, so after chatting about that he moved onto my reaction, still wondering if it could be the fish, however after ascertaining I am a nurse, we discussed all the meds I am to avoid (and believe me there’s more than I realised!) He did suggested trying fish too but making sure the dpi-pen is at the ready! He said once my meds were ready I was allowed home!! YES home, 4 days in hospital feeling so so poorly and finally I was allowed home!!

Mumma and Pappa arrived, I got dressed, and packed up. Once I was given my discharge letter, and drugs I finally went outside and smelt the lovely fresh air. I was going home 🙂