Day 3 on EAU (I know how poorly I am at this point as I they still want me to stay!!)

I wake again to be covered in the dreaded rash, so more IV hydrocortisone, Piriton but thankfully no drip (I am drinking 5 litres of fluids) but I was back on the heart monitor.

Karen popped into see me after her “huddle” and we had a lovely chat. While she was there the cardiologist came to see me again, she said depending on how I was, and what time my drugs came up I may be allowed to go home! But in her nearly 6 foot height looked down at me and said “You are NOT thinking of going back to work yet ARE you?” To which I replied, “Does that mean I’m not working the weekend” Her reply “No you most certainly are not, you are NOT well enough, I want you to have a minimum of 3 weeks off and then we will review!” Ok so no work for me!! Karen whipped my cannula out, to which I had beautifully reacted to the dressing and had a lovely rash. She had to go back to her ward then, so left not before telling me to do nothing!!

Emily, the junior sister on duty for this day came to see me and put my cream on, so I told her I was allowed home. She asked what my peak flows are normally as I sounded chesty, 450. So we checked them, 200. No I was not going home!!

Drugs came up, Mumma and Pappa came in and I told them I wasn’t going anywhere so needed more supplies!! Debbie came in on her lunch break and again was so lovely to see her.

Mike and Yvette had been round every time they went through they popped to see me, again lovely to see friendly faces.

Mumma, Pappa, Little Sue from work (who gave me my clexane! Wendy did first 1 BIG bruise, I did next one, little bruise and Sue’s NOTHING!) and Charlie all came in to see me, which was lovely.

Again I had a stream of beautiful texts, emails and Facebook posts asking how I am. It so lovely when you are so alone in a hospital bed.

I had been told off by all the nurses though. I was helping the lady in the bed next to me get up and onto her zimmer, I just told her to wiggle her bottom forward and rock 3 times as she stood. She said I was better than any nurse in there. I got bellowed at from behind the nurses counter “Will you sit down and be a patient!” So I best do as I was told!!

Everyone then left and I thought I was bedding down for the night!! Oh no, at 21:30 Alison (night bed manager, who I worked with on Willow) moved me to Hawthorn ward!!

Operation pack up and move was ahead. Porter took me to the ward and thankfully I had a lovely window.

When I arrived i realised I was opposite Jean, one of the girls I worked with on Willow!! Small world. We chatted while I unpacked. I had my drugs and was “checked in” to the ward.

Thankfully I was next to the toilet, this was my first night with no drip, heart monitor or anything attached!! FREEDOM!!!