How exciting we now have some amazing branded merchandise for sale which you can buy to support us.  Every year we have our A5 page-a-day diaries, which will be in stock from September.  These will be black with gold gilt edging and a page marker.  Car cups, travel mugs or camping cups, whichever you choose to call them in blue with silver writing, cups/mugs.  Environmentally friendly shopping reusable bags in 2 sizes, whether you are doing a BIG shop or just a nip to the local shop for a loaf of bread.  Awesome lighthouse pin badge to add to your collection.  Trolly coins which fit all trolleys, lockers and any other receptacle which takes a pound coin.  Pens in both pink and purple whether you are a girl or a boy, even though pink IS the universal colour.  Coffee/tea mugs with a fab TLC logo on it so everyone will know which is your cup and not “borrow” it.  TLC wristbands in both pink and purple.  So what better way to support us, show your appreciation and get something great to use in the process than buying on of our items.  If you could showcase any in your place of work or think you could sell some for us then please do get in touch with [email protected] and we can arrange this.  We can also make things look pretty in a display, here is one of our displays in a local village hall.