10309633_10153709075024934_4793063973143815845_nWell boys and girls we may be a wee baby in the grand scheme of the charity world but by golly have we made one huge impact!!  Made better by the fact I am only 4ft 11″ tall!!  Oh yeah I’m a little ninja lol

But we have decided (well I have been persuaded) that the very awesome Tim Brown from Media Identity, who happens to be a trustee and his beautiful wife is a partner in crime for me, is going to do us a brand review!  Please don’t ask me what this entails, because I have no idea other than we sit down (yes that mean sitting still) and discuss our brand, the impact the charity has on the community, how we have evolved, developed and changed since our “birth” and how we can move ourselves forward.

We start with having some new pictures done by the very talented Jen, then Tim will do something with them and out them on our awesomeness website then we do more techy stuff to drive traffic our way.

In all honesty I have no idea what he is rabbiting on about, but I have no need to, he’s the professional expert or whatever else you want to call him in his field so I’ll just nod my head and agree!!

So to finish my wee blog, Tim I wish you all the best of British!!

If you want to check Tim out, as you’re as confused as me, or maybe I have confused you more then pop over to www.mediaidentity.co.uk and say “Gemma says I need to talk to you!”