Well a little blog from moi about what goes on back stage in organising a huge event like this. It isn’t just someone turning up learning to dance and the event happening there is an awful lot which happens behind the scenes which no-one really hears about!!

The idea for the Strictly dancing competitions came from Step By Step dancing school with Andrzej and Viv organising them in Oxford and Northampton. It then become very apparent that it was an amazing way to raise funds, raise the profile of the reciprocal charity as well as a group of amazing people having an amazing time learning to dance!

Viv asked if I wanted to “meet up and have lunch” which in girl words means catch up and chat! So I said yes. While we were waiting Viv asked if we would like to be this years nominated charity for Strictly Towcester, which of course I said yes! This is where the hard work begins!

Between us we found 21 people to take part, which is a HUGE amount of people all wanting to take part. Viv found the dancing partners, including me (I get to wear my PINK dress again YAY!!) . She then choreographed a ChaChaCha, Waltz and as a partnership we have to choreograph our own Jive routine!

The messages, emails and phone calls back and forth is amazing, we all work really well as a team. Glenda is also part of the team, she is in charge of sponsorship totals, ticket sales, raffle prizes, and ensuring everyone is there and onetime!

We also have the very lovely Martin Farmer, who is the “Offical” Step By Step photographer. He comes along, takes photo’s of every couple, then also of the practice sessions which are all available online. He also takes photo’s on the night and his lovely wife Lesley comes too as she is a dancer!

So don’t miss out, although this show is now a SELL OUT!!!! You can still keep updated on any social media platform as well as asking your friends, and coming for the after party!!