I am so going to get into trouble for writing this but…….. Who cares!!

There is an amazing team who organise all of the Strictlies, which take place locally, all of whom you will get to hear about over the next coming weeks, but you will need to hear about 1 lady who is the sweet sticky stuff who holds us all together!  That’s Mrs Vivienne Rhymes.

Viv, is an amazing lady, she is a Mum, Grandmother, Wife, and on top of that she teaches dancing to an  exceptionally high level and standard.  Believe me I’ve had the whip cracked a few times, and as much as it HURTS at the time, between her and my other awesome dance teacher Doris, I got pretty darn high marks for my Gold Medals in both Ballroom and Latin!

So a bit about Viv, she is a teacher by background, so it’s no surprise when she chose to get into dancing, this biggest surprise comes when you hear she has only been dancing for about 10 years!!!  Yes I had to pick my mouth off of the floor too when she told me.  Hopefully I am going to share a video of her dancing with Andrzej Mialkowski, founder of Step By Step Dance School.

I’m sure you will agree after watching that how amazing she looks, so graceful, so elegant, so beautiful so I am sure you can agree with me, this does give her some right to whip our butts!!!

If you would like to learn more about dancing, raising funds, and/or sponsorship of Strictly Towcester please get in touch with either Gemma on [email protected] or the main lady herself Viv [email protected]