Well we are now half way through our training, everyone is doing absolutely amazingly well, stepping out of their comfort zone and learning 3 new dances. There are some amazing pictures and videos on both Facebook and other forms of social media.

Michelle, is a local business owner of Lime Design, she is a graphic designer and also one of our amazing local heroes. She will be dancing with Cameron, who is a Step By Step teacher and also dances professionally with Laura. Michelle is loving every minute of learning to dance and is doing amazingly well. She said she never thought something would stop her from thinking about work as much as dancing has. Absolutely loving it and can’t get enough. As for Cameron, he’s enjoying teaching Michelle a totally different style of dance that she’s used to and can’t wait for the actual night! Plus they can’t stop laughing when we dance which isn’t helpful to the whole learning process!!

Such amazing feedback, I can’t wait for the night either!!