Let me now introduce Aaron our amazing compare for the evening. Aaron is no stranger to Strictly, infact he has taken part in Strictly Banbury as a local hero himself not so long ago, so he understands the fears, the frights, the excitement, the highs, the lows, the worries and the joys of being up there and dancing on stage!!

Here’s a little bit of what Aaron has to say;

“Hi there I’m Aaron williams I am this years host for strictly Towcester 2015. I am thrilled and delighted to have been asked to host this event with fantastic people and lots of dancing talent which has been discovered will take to the floor to raise money for much-needed causes! I took part in strictly Banbury back in May and I had a fantastic time I met some wonderful people! You sweat, you get worn out, and you work hard but trust me it’s all worth it when you’re under those lights! Everyone gets nervous before the event, in fact during the event too but it’s not often you get to learn I knew skill which you can enjoy so much! I saw the Towcester local heroes practising last week and I have to say they were fantastic really working hard. Best of luck guys you will smash it and I’m so glad I can be there to join you and cheer you on”