Well that’s it for another year folks, or is it?! Saturday night saw the launch of Brackley Dance Festival incorporating Strictly Brackley.  An amazing innovative idea from the wonderful Viv Rhymes!  She thought of the idea to try something different.  It was an absolutely fantastic event raising over £5,200 which is absolutely amazing.  One dancer Gareth Webb raised over £1,200 and is still raising!  We have also had an amazing raffle which we will continue to run until Christmas which is a campervan for a long weekend (Friday-Monday) where tickets are £10 for a prixe worth over £1,000!!  You do need to have a credit card which will take a refundable deposit, which will cover for traffic offenses and also damage to the camper.  What are you waiting for, get your ticket now!!

We will be starting to plan for next year NOW, so if you want to get involved in this absolutely AMAZING event, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.