I can carry on telling you all how amazing we are, how what we do if life changing, empowering, enabling and supportive we are, but a far better way of this is from some of our patients.  The first in our series of video testimonials is from Mrs Angie Seelig, nee Beckett.   Angie was a nurse for many years, training back in the day with Florence, a profession that she has sadly had to retire from as she has secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Angie found The Lighthouse Centre in the Chronicle and Echo very soon after we had won The Lottery People’s Millions in 2014.  Angie emailed over to see if there was anything we could provide for her.  Following a home visit we realised we had worked together at NGH!!  Small old world isn’t it!

I visit Angie weekly with her partner in crime Lynn Flower (also a retired nurse) helping to relieve some of the symptoms they suffer from.  Angie has a deep tissue massage and Reiki, then Lynn has Reiki.   This gives them both quality time.  We always have a laugh, talking about anything and everything!! Our weekly routine consists of coffee (and cake) reading the hatched matched and dispatched in the Chronicle and Echo (sometimes we have 2 weeks to catch up on) which always causes much hilarity!!  Only nurses with our warped snese of humour could find this remotely funny!!  In the video Angie says our visits make a vast difference to her with things that are important to her, like how she sits in her wheelchair, her stance and quality of speech.  Something us girlks are not always good at, putting us as important!!  One of the biggest benefits of The Lighthouse Centre to Angie is her home visits.  Please spare 5 minutes to watch this heart provoking video.

Angie says ‘You make me feel like a human being’