Well it may have been a few weeks since you saw anything from me but it doesn’t mean we’ve not been beavering away here at The Lighthouse Centre, because we most certainly have!

This year has already had some huge and amazing changes for us.  Firstly in March we moved officers, as our previous home is being demolished, we had to move out and we are now at Burlington House offices, really near Corkers.  Then came me TRYING to take over managing our social media, as the very lovely Jules at The Last Hurdle is downsizing.  But after one of my longest standing friends saw what a blooming hash I was making of it she has offered to take it over so as of now the very lovely Emma of Ashviolet Media will be taking over.  Thank Goodness you all say I know I wasn’t the best I know I take full responsibility for being a nurse and no good at this technical malarky!

Emma and I have been friends for a “couple” of years so it’s going to be pretty easy for her to help us.  She’s already an avid supporter of TLC so it’s easy for her to write about us, and even get the kids involved when they say “I’m bored” over the summer break.  Emma is friends with all of us so she will have no problems chatting with Steve, Wendy, or anyone else when I’m away or have no clue what she’s going on about!

Here’s to a new pink and sparkly change 🙂