Well it’s been over a week since our nomination for Viv Rhymes of fundraiser of the year was aired.  Sadly she didn’t win her a Pride of Britain award, however she was runner up. The judges had the hardest decision this year and it was so so close.  They all loved the Strictly concept for fundraising as well as what we offer. I am so so proud of each and every one of us, and my hairbrained ideas at stupid o’clock in the morning.  They will all continue to follow both of our progress and what we are doing.  Also a special thankyou to everyone for looking after Liz so welcomely when she was filming.  Viv and I have already started planning for next years Strictly events and how we can make it the biggest and best years!  She is one amazing lady and I am so pleased that I took the time to nominate her so she can see what a difference she makes to everyones live’s.  Thankyou Viv, you will always be a winner to us xxx #PinkSparkles #TeamStrictly #DanceFamily #MakingADifference #StepByStep