Here we are again, time rolls round so quickly it’s time to introduce you to another member of our amazing team.  This week we chose our IT dude (not geek) Martin.  I met originally met Martin networking and it was apparent he shared our passion for helping people, and also had a belief in what we do.  Plus he knows how dreadful my technical knowledge is!!

Martin’s business is Internetworks media, which is anything IT.  So when we received our lottery funding I’d been given some rather wrong advice, so he took over with our lovely Apple dude Jamie, and made sure we got exactly what we needed and what would best suit our needs rather than things we didn’t need.  Hence why we have lovely shiny Mac’s #MacsRock.

Martin has a wonderful family which he loves spending time with, along with the beautiful dog and playing his music.  He likes to travel and escape the rat race, although thanks to technology is always contactable!  Not sure this is always the best but it’s a needs must basis!

Martin doesn’t always let people know how much he does or how much subtle support is given but it’s always there when we need it, whether it’s an advice phone call or a visit needed to sort out something technical rather than letting me loose on it!! I managed to set up the wifi box……….. With Steve’s help! Shhhhhh.