Well Steve and I were sat in the office beavering away, we realised we have only introduced you to Steve, AKA Olaf, and not the rest team which is TLC, so we thought we would introduce a team member both behind the scenes and who you will have seen around, Wendy.

Wendy is fairly quiet shy and reserved (and if you believe that you believe pigs can fly!!) however she is paramount to the smooth running of TLC.  She visits patients, she also does a lot of the designing of posters, helps delivering and is always there either as an ear or as a pair of feet dancing, running or walking the streets commenting on my “twinkly bush.”

Wendy and I were at nursing school at the same time, which we hadn’t realised until some years later.  I qualified in January 2000 and Wendy 2001.  Small old world ah!! Wendy then travelled round the country working in various areas of nursing including theatres and orthopaedics, left nursing to work as a bar manager then returned to nursing and is now working in the community.

Wendy has lots of hobbies and passions all of which she puts her heart and soul into, this includes bike and side car racing in which she is the resident tog. Where she supports them with her husband Wayne who is technical/engineering side of things.  She is also active in helping all of her family and friends whenever they need her whether it’s a charity event, organising a do (surprise or not) or just when someone needs a friend, you can always rely on Wendy.  She will also add the little personal extra’s which no-one would normally think of.

Wendy stepped out of her comfort zone and took part in our first Strictly Towcester, which she will admit she thoroughly enjoyed every moment and looked f**king amazing too.  On the night her partner was poorly, so she had to dance with 3 new partners, not admitting to anyone she was as nervous as hell, and really worried she just stepped out there and danced her little socks off!  High 5 for that, as it’s nerve wracking as hell dancing let alone not knowing who your partner is!  The day after our first strictly practice we took past in #SwimNorthants were all swam as far as we could.  Wendy’s sister Karrie left us all standing by doing way over 2 miles, but Wendy and I both managed a mile, so we were chuffed.

She’s probably going to have my guts for garters for doing this, but it’s OK there will only be a few thousand people who see it on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pintrest, Instagram.  So I’ll be OK not many people will see it!  Here’s a wee picture of our Wendy Woo and Wayne on their wedding day, which I had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid for.  Fantastic day, ran like clockwork, and I think if Wendy ever wants a career change again wedding planning is her way forward!