Well here we are again waiting to introduce another member of our amazing team.  This week we chose the lovely Mary.

Mary trained as a nurse back in the day before Florence.  Which means she has an absolute wealth of knowledge and experience, something which is of huge benefit to both us volunteers and our patients.

I first worked with Mary when she was a district nursing sister at The County surgery, and I started in the community at Park Avenue as a very green staff nurse, having had acute nursing experience but no community experience.  I never felt that anything to ask was “a silly question” when we were working weekends together, and when she was sister on call.

Mary has a beautiful family which she is very proud of, her lovely husband, her gorgeous children, including their spouses, and her even more beautiful grandchildren, which she loves spending time with.  Mary is always there whatever you want, as long as you have a biscuit she’s happy!  She has a huge heart of gold and is one of life’s genuinely lovely people.  She’s also very stubborn!!  She had a “little” tumble recently and defying medics she’s now walking up and about, as well as doing house work and more exercises than the physio can give her!  Are you see’ing a pattern here #TLCNursesNeverGive In Yes we are all as stubborn as each other which is why we all get on so well.  Mary is looking forward to our next course which is hot stone massage, more importantly she’s looking forward to see’ing our lovely young Ben with his “Inorgals” and we have a good giggle whilst learning an amazing new skill.