Here is your last chance to purchase one of our fantastic 2018 A5, page a day diaries!!  These must have items have since our first diary “trial” in 2016 (see picture) become more and more popular, due to their size, quality and the fact that you are supporting our fantastic charity!!  These diaries are available from any one of us, moi (Gemma) Steve, Wendy, Sheila, Niki, Sue and last but no means least Mary!  If you are a company we can provide an invoice for your books so you can claim your pennies back as your CSR (corporate social responsibility).  BUT more importantly you can get a freeeeeeee pen!!!  In either pink or purple (if it were up to me it would be pink).

We will be placing more of our items for sale on here regularly so please keep your eyes open for all of our amazing items!  Don’t miss out there is something for everyone!!

I’d like to say a HUGE THANKYOU to Josh Webb who took all of our merchandise photographs, which I am sure you will agree once you have seen them all they are pretty impressive! Much better than I could ever do.  Thanks Josh xxx