Kevin Brown, contacted us via the website to enquire about doing a fundraising event for us, after he had followed us on Twitter and saw what it is we do and what a huge impact we make on the community.

Kev is a teacher by profession but due to an injury he has had to retire from the profession, and now works in his wife’s business which he helps with.  He slipped 3 discs in his back, meaning he was in constant pain and mobility was greatly reduced.  It was at this point he took up Nordic walking, which is a style of walking where Walking Poles are used to help make mobility easier.]

Within 4 months Kev is now walking up to 5 miles, so his aim (which he will achieve) is to walk 10K raising for us along the way.  This walk will take place on 21st May, which is intact Kev’s birthday!!

So keep an eye on here, follow him on Facebook and Twitter to see how he is progressing and see pictures he’s taken along the way.