So  one night in November last year I decided to nominate Viv and the strictly team for a Pride of Britain award for fundraiser of the year.  I filed in the online application and submitted it, not realising how far the nomination would get.  I told Viv and team at the Christmas party, which they were all in total awe and admiration.

Some months later I was subbing at BNI Sterling, when I had numerous missed calls.  When I called the number back it was David the producer from The Pride of Britain awards informing me that the nomination for Viv had been shortlisted as 1 of 4 in the country!!  I then burst into tears as I was bursting with pride for the fact that Viv’s hard work and dedication has been recognised.   David forwarded the consent form which I got Viv to fill in and send back, then we could arrange the filming.

I went on holiday and whilst away I was sorting out the night for filming, which was agree’d as Wednesday 18th September, when Viv normally has a class but the class would be changed to a Strictly style lesson.

Liz the lovely lady from ITV came along, filmed the night, interviewing both myself and Viv.  She asled questions like “Why did I nominate Viv?” “What difference does she make?” “Why should Viv win?” and more…  The night was absolutely AMAZING, the filming was fab, and to know Viv has been recognised for all her hard work is worth it’s weight in gold!!

The finished product will be aired the week of 29th September on ITV nationally, we will keep you posted which night we will be on!  Stay tuned to find out when and watch us!!  Even if Viv doesn’t win to get this far is absolutely phenominal I am so so proud!