WOW, what a fun packed, busy weekend everyone but I had!!!  The girls, Jan, Portia, Wendy and Niki all qualified in Indian Head Massage and Hopi Ear Candling, while I had the pleasure of being the “model” meaning I was massaged all weekend.  Oh it’s a hard life!!!

Here’s a few from Portia about the weekend, “despite feeling tired and run down, I had a fun packed weekend.  We all got to learn two new skills and we got to have both an Indian head massage and Hopi ear’s performed on us by our amazing colleagues. I came home with greasy hair on Saturday, but both days, relaxed and though still physically under the weather, I was in a great mood!”

So now from Wendy, “I have just got back from a brilliant weekend spent with my TLC girls and our tutor Sarah from Inspire Training.  We have spent the weekend training in Indian Head Massage and Hopi Ear Candling. I love seeing our team all together, imagine a proper mothers meeting and multiply the volume, constant laughing and mickey taking by 10, then you get a vague idea what it’s like! I had Niki as my Indian head massage model, I was obviously doing something right as when I did my final run through, she was that relaxed she started snoring!! As for the Hopi Ear Candling we were all a model for each other.  I can honestly say I’m still not sure about them. It didn’t hurt but was a weird feeling hearing the crackling sound from it burning as it sounded like it was in your actual ear (obviously it’s not).  A massive thank you to Sarah for teaching us so well and putting up with us, especially when we won’t shut up!! Looking forward to our next training session together ladies xxx”

TLC training

A very proud team with our certificates.

Jan said  “The courses were excellent and well taught. The Indian head massage was very calming both giving and receiving . Think this treatment will be good for patients who are stressed out from worrying about their conditions. It is relaxing and I felt the face massage cleared my sinuses.  I was sceptical about the Hopi ear candling treatment, the thought of burning candles in a persons ears worried me but after being taught so well and seeing the results, I can’t wait to start.  Having received the treatment myself I could not believe how clear my ears and head felt and after five days I still feel it’s results.  Overall the two days were thoroughly well organised and educational.  Can’t wait to start practising.”

Last but by no means least Niki, “Well what a great way to spend a weekend! On Saturday we started with the glorious Indian head massage, starting with a step by step tutorial from a great teacher, then on to the practical application.  I thoroughly enjoyed both giving and receiving the treatment.  It was very relaxing and took away a lot of stress and tension, so much so, I fell asleep!  Wow I felt so relaxed.  Also the giving of the treatment was very therapeutic to me, it was a pleasure.”

On Sunday, we all learned the treatment therapy of Hopi Ear Candling.  I found this very interesting and eye opening.  The treatment is very relaxing and does not take as long as you would think.  I was very surprised with the results, I thought my ears were super clean (apparently not), incredible results and a pleasure to learn.”

So all in all an amazing weekend was had by all and the patients will benefit 10 fold now, which is what it’s all about 🙂