It’s the time of year when you are spending time with your family, friends eating lots of chocolate and generally enjoying yourselves. But what about those people among us, who don’t have family, or who are too poorly to enjoy this time, who spends time with them? Who is there at the end of a phone line, email or to go round to see them? We are! As nurses and health care staff working bank holidays is something which comes as second nature to us, so over the Easter period we will be visiting an elderly lady who has no family to ensure she has food to eat and is comfortable as well as giving her some Reiki. We will also be helping the family of a terminal man to fill in forms to ensure they can get the benefits they are entitled to. That doesn’t mean we don’t have time to have fun, as our resident photographer (Emma) and myself will be going to see the lovely Richard Markie perform in his band Saturday night.

I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and don’t forget if you do need us over the Easter period don’t hesitate to get in touch xxx