Well, there we were drinking coffee and discussing our next marketing moves when the lovely Jules White in casual conversation pipes up with “Did you know we’re donating your marketing for another year………..” My rather stunned thankful look replied with “No” To which she replied with “Well we are and that’s it!” So for another year you will be see’ing a constant stream of tweets, Facebook posts, blogs, Google +, Linkedin as well as raising our “CEO” as I accidentally put on a referral, I have since learnt it’s SEO!

We meet bi-weekly, and discuss what is needed, where we need to go and what I need to get done as “homework!” Yes she sets me homework, and Lord help me if I don’t do it!! This will mean as part of this amazing donation this years Big Birthday Bash will be for us again!! This will be the third year of supporting us in this amazing event, with each year getting bigger and better. This years Big Birthday Bash is on 25th June…… But that’s all I’m allowed to know for now!! Ellie told me “Gemma put 25th June in your diary and do NOT work!” Hmmmmmmm I think they know me too well 😉

Last years BBB raised over £1,000 which is absolutely amazing, and has made such a huge difference to us and our patients. We had donations from Val (Utility Warehouse), Ann and Claire (Time for You) Ben (ID Card Centre) Us (massage!!) Jules (The Last Hurdle) Trev (The Last Hurdle) Mindy (Sophisticakes) and many many more who have attended and supported The Last Hurdle in supporting us at this amazing event. To Ben (ID Card Centre/ICE Tags), whose OCD meaning he had to make the total up to over £1,000!

I can’t wait for this year to see where it can be, and how on earth #TeamTLH can make the best better!! More information will be available at www.thelasthurdle.co.uk where you will be able to book your place, order your food, network, and most of all have an amazing time!!

But I think for now it means I can start shopping for a new dress AND new shoes!! Watch this space for more information………………