WOW, WOW, and WOW what an amazing event this was! A HUGE total of £1,550 was raised from the kind, caring generous people of Northants with their amazing prizes, gifts, donations and raffle tickets brought. Although hopefully there’s no fingerprints still!!

The event was held at Towcester Rugby Club, a huge 41 people came along to support us from all walks of the business life. The night was fantastic, the food was DIVINE, especially for someone on steroids. The cakes were divine (thank you Jen) and the weather was just perfect.

People got to network with new people, old people and some people who they had only “virtually” met! I got to chat, mingle and meet all the kind lovely people who came along to support us. So thank you to you too.

The funniest moment has to be Mr Jon Farmer’s face when he won a “certain” raffle prize! #pricelessmoment! Why did you have the camera and not us!

Huge thank you to Jules, and the amazing team at The Last Hurdle for organising such a fantastic event, it really was amazing. Trev for being “Auctioneer Extrodinaire” and allowing me to use the gavel! Oh yeah! Megan for being the best raffle ticket seller EVER, even if her ways weren’t conformist they worked wonders! To the awesome Ellie, Caz and Martin. You’re all superstars! You make such a huge impact to us and it is very much appreciated THANKYOU!!