Well here we are coming to the end of another amazing year in the world of The Lighthouse Centre, and here we are feeling so blessed to have had some amazing people supporting us, so we are able to support others!

We had a very successful cake auction all thanks to the very lovely Christine Newman and the team at The Graduate Recruitment, which raised over £500.  It was absolutely fantastic and some wonderful cakes which you didn’t want to eat they looked so good! Also a Thankyou to Mr David Lawerence, auctioneer extroidinareeeee, that man truly could sell sand to the Arabs!!  There was no-one getting out of that room without buying something, and that included me!!!! www.thegraduaterecruitment.co.uk

Next came The Last Hurdles Brilliant Big Birthday Bash which raised over £1,000 for an fun packed fab afternoon, with old school games, BBQ and some networking, between being tied to another person’s legs?!?!  Which on top of this the very lovely Jules White and her fab team at The Last Hurdle donate their fantastic services to ensure you all can all keep updated on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google + with what we are doing, where and when, but more importantly how you can get involved.  It was also their 5th Birthday this year so HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEAM TLH! www.thelasthurdle.co.uk

Then came the awesome Strictly Buckingham and Strictly Towcester both of which were absolutely fantastic events again, which raised over £12,500! Absolutely mind blowing amount of money.  Huge thanks here to Viv Rhymes, Andrzej Mialkowski, the steppers and the fantastic local heroes.  Not forgetting Bob Pilkington (and son) for our “little” surprise at the end, a firework display with a lighthouse in fireworks!! Thanks to Steve Church, of The Copy Writer Pro for our fantastic editorial which went into NNPulse magazine, and will have been seen by a “small” amount of 21,000 people! #WorldDominationPinkSparklyStyle

Another piece of awesome news, Ian Frost, el presidentee of BNI Wellingborough was nominated as President for the Painters and Decorators association, for which he can choose a charity which for the time he is in the chair is the named charity of this illustrious group!  And massive thank you to you Ian as he has nominated us which is absolutely amazing.  His first “event” in the role, I made rainbow G&T cupcakes, which were raffled off and along with the rest of the raffle raised over £120 which is brilliant for a first night in a role!  www.rainbowfrostdecorators.co.uk

Running along the theme of cake, the lovely Ash Fenn has an open day at his fabidoodle new offices for CDR Pumps and Big Phat Print, and for this a cake sale was held, which raised some more well received pennies, so thank you both teams! www.cdrpumps.co.uk

Now time for a rest until we start again in January!  But that doesn’t mean you won’t be hearing from us!!  Quiet the opposite, we will be beavering away planning next year, selling our fantastic merchandise and most importantly visiting our patients who after all are what that charity is all about.